BMR Napa AutoCare Talks Struts and Shocks

shocks graphicShock absorbers and struts routinely last a long time and wear out pretty slowly for most in our region but if your vehicle is showing the symptoms of worn shocks or struts its a great time to get into BMR Napa AutoCare and prepare for the wet road in the months ahead.

Shocks and Struts are one of those components in a vehicle that is easy to take for granted, but your shocks and struts do a very important job so you need to pay attention to them. They keep your tires on the road; and your tires are what connect your vehicle to the road and allow you to safely handle your car through turns, over bumps and even stop in time.

When your shocks and struts are worn, your tires bounce excessively over bumps in our Sacramento roads. Your vehicle will wallow through corners; your front-end will dive when you stop; and your rear-end will squat when you accelerate. All this hurts your ability to control your vehicle. And your ride just isn’t as comfortable.

Worn shocks or struts cause excessive tire wear so you’ll have to replace your tires sooner than you should. Worn shocks and struts also stresses other suspension and steering parts causing them to wear prematurely. Struts are actually a major structural component of the suspension system; there’s a lot riding on them.

Replacing worn shocks and struts saves money in the long run for our local Sacramento drivers – and of course you can’t really put a price on your safety and that of your passengers. We generally recommend replacing shocks and struts at 50,000 miles.

When it’s time for new shocks or struts, BMR Napa AutoCare is here to take great care of your vehicle. We can give you back the ride and handling of a new vehicle and offer great saving before December 20, 2014. If you have special needs we can help you there too. We have premium shocks and struts that’ll improve your performance. We can even help you with upgraded, heavy-duty shocks that’ll give you the confidence you need to handle those big towing or hauling jobs.

Experts recommend replacing all four shocks at the same time so that handling is even at each wheel.

If you need new shocks or struts, let us help you take care of this important safety service. You’ll feel better, and you’ll save money on tires and other suspension repairs down the road.

You can find us online at or you can find us in Roseville at 900 Riverside Avenue, 95678 and in Antelope at 8636 Antelope North Road, 95843.

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